Reaching  and  Inspiring  Success  through  Education 

Mindfulness & Movement

A key to our program's success is individualized attention which allows us to focus on each student's specific needs.  Each day, RISE mentors work with students to improve their academic skills with a focus on literacy.  Our mentors offer positive feedback and encouragement to inspire confidenceand help students reach their full potential.  

Our After School RISE Program includes homework support, tutoring, enrichment activities, mindfulness, and fostering social and emotional development.  We work closely with families and teachers to give each student focused support tailored to his or her individual needs.  Our program encompasses all subjects taught in school as well as other important facets of life such as health and extracurricular activities.  As these children reach high school, we will continue to support them academically and help them prepare for whatever higher education path they choose to take.  We will encourage our older students to mentor the younger children in the program and inspire a greater sense of pride in the community. 

Current Program: 1st - 5th grade from the VTP at Nixon

Baking pies to give to families and EHP staff to show our appreciation for their support!

Community Connection

Collaboration with Families & Educators


• Tutoring, mentoring, and enrichment 

• Mindfulness and life skills

• Collaboration with families and teachers 

• Giving back to the community

• Support for higher education

Tutoring & Mentoring

Enrichment & Life Skills

 Elementary School Program

Working closely with our students' families and teachers is an important part of our program.  At RISE, we have close contact with every student's teacher to make sure that we understand his or her strengths as well as areas of struggle.  This relationship helps us focus on the specific needs of each child. 

Family involvement is a key element in the academic success of students.  We interact with the parents at the end of each day and hold monthly conferences with each family to update them on how their child is doing, ask for feedback and suggestions, and address any concerns they may have.  We encourage families to be involved in their child's education and help their children feel proud of their accomplishments. By bringing together families, students, and educators, we feel that each child will have the support that they need in order to reach their full potential.

Mary teaches students how to plant vegetables  for our RISE garden!

 At RISE, we integrate a mindfulness curriculum into our after school program.  We practice mindful breathing, movement, yoga and exercise, journaling, and other fun and interactive activities designed to help students become more present and aware.  Through research and experience, we have observed the benefits that a mindfulness practice can offer for children. Our daily lessons help students cultivate concentration, curiosity, self-awareness, social awareness, emotional self-regulation, mental health and compassion.  

Our vision is that as our students grow, they will develop a sense of pride in their community and a special connection to East Palo Alto.  We will encourage students from our high school programs as well as RISE alumni to become mentors for our younger students and inspire them to work hard and chase theirdreams.  With the help from our students, we can make a lasting impact on East Palo Alto and reduce the existing achievement gap.  

We incorporate enrichment activities and projects into every day at RISE. Students have the opportunity to explore art, science, cooking, gardening, sports, film, and other projects that our staff and volunteers introduce.  During these activities, our students are challenged to try something new and improve their skills in teamworkflexibility, patience, perseverance, and more.  An important part of RISE is developing curriculum and projects that encourage students to think outside the box and use their creativity and imagination.