Reaching  and  Inspiring  Success  through  Education 

• One on one homework support

• Mentors design lessons and enrichment projects

• Team building, mindfulness and life skills

• Forming lasting bonds between mentors and mentees

• Giving back to the community

Current Program: Eastside High School students 9th-12th grade

Eastside Mentorship Program

Through our Mentorship Program with Eastside College Prep, our students have formed  lasting bonds  that strengthen their sense of pride in the community and reveal how much they can accomplish by working together.  Each week, our Eastside Mentors spend time outside of school preparing creative and educational activities to do with the RISE students.  The program has become more than volunteer hours for their college applications.  The high school students are eager to be positive and  inspirational role models  for their mentees.  Our partnership with Eastside has heightened the impact we can make as we work together to provide opportunities and support for underserved families.  

Every week, students at RISE receive one-on-one support from committed, passionate high schoolers at Eastside College Preparatory School in East Palo Alto.  Our students are thrilled to have the opportunity to show off their math and reading skills, ask questions, play games, and learn with their  very own high school mentor.  After helping their RISE mentees master tutoring activities planned specifically for their individual learning needs, Eastside students lead fun and interactive activities for the whole group.  This mentorship program is a great opportunity for both RISE and Eastside students to learn, develop new skills, be creative, and  build relationships that will  inspire confidence  and pride within all of the students.