"My daughter goes to RISE because we at home cannot help her with all the things she does for school. She has advanced a lot while at RISE not only in school, but as a human being. She feels more confident in the things she does now than she did a year ago."

~The Martinez-Luna Family


Reaching  and  Inspiring  Success  through  Education 

"Through RISE our daughter has learned to become independent. She loves RISE. She enjoys being a part of the program and speaks highly of her teachers and friends. She has improved a lot with the help from the staff at RISE."

​~The Aquino Family

"The McGee family is beyond blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of the RISE program. Raising a child in East Palo Alto is not an easy task, and with the help of RISE our daughter has become more confident than she has ever been. Without having the proper resources and being financially privileged it’s extremely hard for a child to succeed, especially alongside children who are upperclass. RISE has knocked down many obstacles that once were weighing our family down. Our daughter has a new love for school and we are proud to say this program has contributed to that tremendously." 

~The McGee Family

The Lives We Impact

RISE serves to close the education and opportunity gaps that exist between East Palo Alto and its neighboring communities. We empower our youth to create their own vision for the future and foster their self-confidence to make it happen. It is our intention that students leave RISE feeling proud of their accomplishments and eager to inspire future generations to make a lasting impact on their community.

RISE was founded because we firmly believe that children living in the East Palo Alto community 

deserve the same opportunities as those in neighboring communities.